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Stop animal circuses in Scotland

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Sign our petition to stop animal circuses.

It is well known that the circus life is no life for wild animals. But now, shocking evidence of cruelty to an elderly, arthritic elephant and other animals has emerged.

This must lend impetus to calls for the UK government to introduce a  long-awaited ban on the use of wild animals in circuses in England. However, the government at Westminster cannot legislate on animal welfare in Scotland - all of these issues are devolved to the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government.

The last thing we want is for the few remaining circuses with wild animals in the UK to relocate to Scotland, if the law should be different. Scotland can in fact lead the way by legislating as soon as possible after the election on 5 May 2011.

OneKind has gathered 1671 signatures for a petition which has been lodged with the Scottish Parliament. This will be presented to the Public Petitions Committee in October 2011. Thanks to all of you who signed.

You can view the circus petition here.