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Snares Uncovered

OneKind has commissioned a new film, starring popular broadcaster and naturalist Bill Oddie, which demonstrates the extent of snaring in the Scottish countryside.  

Please note: This film does include OneKind library footage of animals caught in snares, which you may find distressing.

Bill OddieThe film, entitled “Snares uncovered: Killers in the countryside”, shows Bill’s disbelief at the number of animal snares placed on a typical estate, as well as his shock at the indiscriminate nature of these cruel devices. OneKind would like to thank Bill Oddie for taking the time to participate in this film, and for his ongoing commitment to the campaign to end snaring.

When you have viewed the film please consider donating to our campaign to end snaring.You can also send a personalised animail to your friends.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

annaceleste's avatar
annaceleste on 10/01/2011

I completely agree on how ridiculous it is to indiscrimitely kill an animal to protect another animal, and often so that saved animal or bird can then be hunted, shot and killed. Such a hideously cruel and completely inhumane way to kill any animal - if they don’t starve to death in fear, they panic and end up hanging themselves. Even cats and dogs can get caught. There’s no compassion here - like Bill says, its legal but lethal. Snares MUST be banned.

LadyChris's avatar
LadyChris on 11/01/2011

A very good film.  Not too gory but brings home the horrors and the reality of snaring and the TOTAL IMMORALITY of it. 

67 snares set around a single bait in the centre, tempting and trapping any hungry fox so it can be killed - just so another animal (which has probably been intensively reared) can live long enough to be shot, wounded and/or killed by inadequate humans willing to pay money for their perverse ‘sport’

One has to bear in mind that the fox numbers wouldn’t be so high if there weren’t around 50 million game birds released every year.

What a disgusting abuse of human power.  All snaring should be banned immediately.

Sonja's avatar
Sonja on 11/01/2011

Snares are disgusting and very very cruel and should be made illegal, even doing that would probably not bother the evil people that snare and shoot and hunt. These evil scum break the law all the time hunting and digging for badger’s these people are a disgrace to society and should all be locked up for life. Thanks to LACS many have been successfully prosecuted for illegal cruelty to animals. A friend of mine’s dog lost his back leg because he got caught in a snare. Why people are so cruel is beyond me I just hope that one day one of these cretins gets caught in one of these snares themselves and feels the dreadfull pain the animal suffers.

Marc Bowker's avatar
Marc Bowker on 11/01/2011

Bill Oddie puts the facts across brilliantly in this film. More people need to be made aware of the damage and inhumanity of snares. Man can be so destructive sometimes! Feel so strongly about it that I wrote a short blog:

badgerhugger's avatar
badgerhugger on 12/01/2011

Bill has made a little mistake. He said the legal snare relaxes when the animal struggles. It only relaxes when the animal STOPS struggling, but what animal in a snare stops struggling?

brian carey's avatar
brian carey on 04/02/2011

I would like to know how the pro-snarer’s out there can justify my family nearly losing our four year old pet Labrador who has been snared twice in as many months in close proximity of our village of Auchinleck Ayrshire Scotland, by illegal deer snares.  Legal or not once a snare has been set anything is at risk ALL SNARES MUST BE BANNED

Photo’s available

badgerhugger's avatar
badgerhugger on 07/02/2011

At one time the Scottish government considered a law making all snares traceable so that illegal ones could be removed. As far as I know this idea has been abandoned, presumably so that the gamekeepers can say “Not me guv.” This plan would have been better than nothing but in reality legally set snares are a bad enough.
What we need is a public outcry but the public are not very good at outcries. 

A G M Smith's avatar
A G M Smith on 25/02/2011

I emailed my MSPs (Central Scotland) on Wed. 23rd Feb after reading Bill Oddie’s letter in our local ‘paper. This am (Frid. 25th.) I received a letter from Mgt Mitchell (Cons). She writes ” ... the Snares (Scotland) Order 2010 - has imposed substantial restrictions on the use of snaring. As a result, snaring has undoubtedly been made more humane, which is to be welcomed.
Nonetheless, Scottish Conservatives believe that snaring - strictly within the law - remains a necessary tool for landowners in trems of the control of foxes, and we would therefore not support a total ban.
I hope that this is helpful.”
I wonder who tells which animals to use the snares and who is policing this “more humane” act of barbarity?.
I intend to reply to Ms Mitchell accordingly.