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The best and most effective way to help support OneKind’s campaigning work is to set up a monthly gift by Direct Debit. It only takes a couple of minutes of your time but will help fund long term support for animals’

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Your gift, large or small, will help make a difference to the lives of animals.

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£3 a month will help pay for campaign materials to educate the public, young and old, about animal welfare.

£5 a month will help produce authoritative reports with research based evidence to help change laws to better protect animals.

£10 a month will help keep our Field Research Officer in the field, reporting, researching and monitoring animal welfare concerns.

£25 a month will help our Policy and Campaign team lobby Politicians and lawmakers to bring about beneficial change for animals.

For over 100 years, OneKind has carried out public awareness and educational campaigns, produced scientific research and reports, and regularly exposed both legal and illegal cruelty to animals. Many of our campaigns have helped to bring about changes to the law and foster greater respect and compassion for animals.

The OneKind message is simple – Animals are truly amazing! They are different from us in so many ways, but just like us they feel and they can think. Their life is special too.


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Due to the nature of charity donations refunds are given at the discretion of OneKind. Please ensure the amount you enter is the amount you wish to give. In the event of an incorrect amount being entered please contact us.
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