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Payroll giving

Give through your salary to help us to plan for the future and ensure a better world for animals.

About Payroll Giving

As a charity funded entirely by voluntary donations, we rely on the generosity of supporters to help us campaign to help end animal cruelty.

Payroll Giving is a simple, convenient and tax-efficient method of regular giving. Payroll Giving is also known as Workplace Giving and Give As You Earn, and allows anyone who pays UK income tax to give regularly to charity on a tax free basis. With Payroll Giving you can nominate OneKind to receive a regular gift direct from your pay and it costs you less to give as you do not pay tax on your donation.

To set up a payroll gift to OneKind just complete our online form today and start donating!

Payroll Giving for employees

How does Payroll Giving work?

It's simple to set up - all you need to do is ask your payroll department to make the deductions from your pay to your chosen charity.

Your donations will be deducted before your tax is calculated, so it will cost you even less. These deductions will then show up on your monthly or weekly payslips.

If your employer doesn’t offer a Payroll Giving scheme, we can help them get started. Find out how in our information for employers.

Payroll Giving for employers

Payroll Giving is a great way for your employees to make a regular donation to their favourite charity from their salary. It’s a simple and tax efficient way for them to donate and the deductions are made before tax.

It’s also a great way to improve staff loyalty as it shows that as an employer you value your staff views and are concerned about their welfare – this in turn will bolster staff relations and improve moral.

Setting up Payroll Giving

  1. Contact a Payroll Giving agency – the agency will process the donations and ensure they get passed to the right charity. A list of government approved agencies can be found on HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website:
  2. The agency will set you up with everything you need so your staff can start giving. They will provide forms and talk you through each process.
  3. The employee deductions are made before tax, but after NI contributions. This enables the employee to get tax relief on their donations.
  4. The Payroll Giving agency will then handle all the administration required for Payroll Giving and distribute the donations to the employee’s chosen charity.

Matched Giving

By matching what your employees give delivers a strong message of corporate social responsibility. It will also help increase staff moral and motivation as well as promoting a positive message that you care.