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Snaring survey for Veterinary professionals

This year the Scottish Government will be reviewing the use of snares, the impact they have on animal welfare and the laws that govern them. OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports are working together on this issue and are seeking the views of veterinary professionals on this subject.

We want to ensure the review is evidence based and that the views of the profession are fully considered. The survey is open to individual veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses in Scotland – please give us your personal views and encourage your colleagues to do so as well.

If you are not based in Scotland, but would like to offer a view on snaring, please answer Question 7 only.

Snares are wire traps mainly used to capture foxes. rabbits and hares.  They are meant to restrain an animal prior to despatch by the snare operator; however, there are frequent reports of animals being injured and/or dying whilst caught in the snare.  They are also known to capture non-target species including cats, dogs and badgers. A review of the current Scottish legislation on snaring is scheduled to take place before the end of 2016.  We are keen to obtain views from the veterinary profession to inform the debate.

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