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Charity renews calls to ban snares ahead of Glorious Twelfth

Released to press on 29 July 2015

71 per cent of SnareWatch reports in 2015 involve non-target species

Charity renews calls to ban snares ahead of Glorious Twelfth

Animal welfare charity OneKind has revealed that 71 per cent of all reports made so far this year to its SnareWatch website have involved non-target species. The website records information on snaring which is reported by members of the public.

Spokesperson Louise Robertson said: “The vast majority of reports to SnareWatch involve animals which are not the intended victim of a snare with the predominant species being cats and badgers. This grim illustration shows quite how indiscriminate snares are and highlights the scale of the problem with their continued use.”

Edinburgh based charity OneKind runs the dedicated snaring website,, to allow members of the public to report snare sightings throughout the UK. Since the start of the year, the reports received have shown predominance towards animals which aren’t the intended species, with a high number of reports involving domestic pets.

The charity is renewing its calls for a ban on the traps which it describes as ‘primitive’ and ‘unnecessary’ ahead of the Glorious twelfth - the start of the grouse shooting season. The shooting industry relies heavily on snares to protect stocks of game birds yielded for commercial shooting.  Louise Robertson added: “OneKind has long campaigned for snares to be made illegal and it’s utterly demoralising to see report after report come in through SnareWatch giving horrific details of animals which have suffered as a result of these primitive and unnecessary traps.

“Despite a tightening of regulations in Scotland the suffering still continues and will keep doing so until snaring is finally banned.”

Provisions were made in the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011 for a review of snaring regulations in December 2016.


Notes to editor:

  1. OneKind is a UK-wide animal protection charity based in Scotland working to end animal suffering through campaigns, research and education.
  2. Since January 2015 OneKind has received 21 reports to SnareWatch of which 15 involved non-target species including dogs, cats and badgers.

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