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Family speak out about devastation of losing much loved family pet in a snare

Released to press on 27 August 2015

Animal welfare charity OneKind renews calls for a ban on snaring

Dog caught by snareA family has told OneKind of the devastation they have felt after their pet dog was killed by a snare. Cocker spaniel Fern was found near to her home in Ridlington, Norfolk on Saturday afternoon (22nd August) strangled to death by a thin, wire noose.  The snare had been set on a bridge over a ditch in a field opposite seven year old Fern's owners' home. Once trapped in the snare, the dog fell off the side of the ditch and was effectively hanged.

Her owner, Peter D'Amery said: "I am absolutely devastated that Fern has been, in effect, murdered in such a cruel way. The snare was clearly intended to kill by the very nature of its position. Fern suffered a horrific death at the hands of a callous individual who I believe was trying to protect a few tame birds bred to be shot."

Mr D'Amery has spoken of the shock his family have suffered as a result of Fern's death and has described them as being "inconsolable at the loss".

He continued: "Whoever set the snare must have known it was illegal as it was definitely placed in a way that whatever it caught would suffer unimaginable pain leading to a slow and miserable death. No animal deserves such a death." He described how it took ten minutes for the family to untangle and remove the tightly-wound snare from their dead dog. 

Fern's owners reported her death to SnareWatch, a dedicated website run by animal welfare charity OneKind .

OneKind Director Harry Huyton added: "This tragic death is a grim example of why there is no place in modern society for the use of these cruel, archaic traps. Snares inflict dreadful suffering on their victims and as this case clearly illustrates, are completely indiscriminate.

"It is unacceptable that traps which routinely cause such cruelty are deemed to be acceptable for trapping certain species perceived to be pests. Our thoughts are with the family of Fern who have witnessed first-hand the torment caused by snaring.

“OneKind pledges to continue to campaign until snares are banned in all parts of the UK." is a dedicated website run by OneKind to build a picture of snare use in the UK as part of the charity's campaign to ban the manufacture, sale, possession and use of all snares. Members of the public can report snaring incidents directly to the site.

The incident has been reported to Norfolk Police who are investigating. 


Notes to editor:

  1. OneKind is a UK-wide animal protection charity based in Scotland working to end animal suffering through campaigns, research and education.
  2. Snares are thin wire traps used mainly on sporting estates by gamekeepers to protect game birds bred for commercial shooting.

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