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OneKind supports calls for investigation into illegal fox hunt claims

Released to press on 02 June 2015

Animal protection charity OneKind is adding its voice to concerns over possible illegal fox hunting in Scotland, calling on the Scottish Government to investigate claims made today (Tuesday) by the League Against Cruel Sports.

OneKind played a key role in campaigning for the legislation which made hunting wild mammals for sport illegal in 2002. Evidence gathered by the League Against Cruel Sports suggests the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 is being flouted and that some hunts are continuing to hunt as they did before the law came into force.

OneKind’s Policy Director Libby Anderson said: “The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 was a landmark victory in Scottish animal protection legislation. If there is evidence to show the law is being ignored then OneKind wholeheartedly supports a full investigation into this.”

With the Hunting Act in England and Wales under threat of repeal at Westminster, OneKind is writing to all SNP MPs acknowledging the party’s position on voting on non-Scottish issues, but urging them to consider the negative implications of repeal for animal welfare in all administrations.

Libby Anderson added: “Repealing the Hunting Act would not only have a devastating impact on animal welfare but would take up valuable parliamentary time on an issue which has no support from the vast majority of the public.  In both Scotland and England it is clear the law needs to be strengthened, not repealed.”


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