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OneKind welcomes the Scottish Government’s confirmation that stink pits are under review

Released to press on 15 June 2017

Leading animal protection charity OneKind has welcome today’s announcement by the Scottish Government to review stink pits.

It follows the Stink Pits Stink debate (Motion S5M-05662) which was lodged by Christine Grahame MSP and debated in the Scottish Parliament today.

The Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Roseanna Cunningham MSP confirmed two reviews would take place. The Scottish Government Technical Assessment Group is to look at stink pits as part of their overall review of snaring, and an independently led group on grouse moor management will also look at stink pits under their remit.

While announcing the reviews, Roseanna Cunningham MSP said:

“I appreciate that the idea of rotting carcasses in a stink pit will be repugnant to many, if not most, people. However, it is the job of legislators to give careful consideration to how and why they are being used before immediately coming to the conclusion that they should be banned.”

Stink pits are used by gamekeepers across Scotland as a fundamental part of predator control on shooting estates. These pits or piles of dead animals are filled with bait such as wildlife carcasses, fish heads and other animal remains. The smell of decomposing animals is then used to lure foxes towards the bait with snares set around the pits to catch them. 

Sarah Moyes, OneKind Campaigner said:

“We are pleased to see confirmation from the Scottish Government today that they will be reviewing stink pits. These barbaric pits are nothing more than piles of rotting carcasses set to lure in more animals to kill. There is no place for them in a modern-day Scotland.

We want to see stink pits banned on ethical, animal welfare and public health grounds. We hope the reviews confirmed in today’s debate will be the first step towards that happening.”

Notes to editor:

1. OneKind is a Scottish animal protection charity working to end cruelty to Scotland’s animals.

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