A Manifesto for Scotland’s Animals

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Harry Huyton
04 March 2016


Animals are suffering at an unprecedented scale around the world and in Scotland. Millions of farm animals are caught up in intensive farming systems, our wildlife continues to be persecuted and the pet trade continues to grow and put money ahead of the lives of the animals it involves.

But we haven’t lost hope. In fact, we’re excited. The next Scottish Government will come into power with commitments already in place to review much of the legislation that is failing animals, and we are doing everything we can make sure that every MSP understands that we expect them to deliver.

You can help by supporting our joint campaign with Blue Cross, Cats Protection, the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, and PDSA and ask your candidate to pledge to do More for Scotland’s Animals (Link)

Our manifesto makes the case for making animal welfare a priority over the next year and makes three key asks.

1)  A complete review of Scotland’s main animal welfare legislation

We want to see modern animal welfare legislation in Scotland that protects all animals from cruelty, addresses the major welfare issues associated with breeding and trading of pets and livestock, and promotes responsible pet ownership. This should include:

  1. Full resourcing of local authority enforcement of animal welfare legislation
  2. Reform of the pet breeding and vending legislation to protect our pets
  3. The introduction of positive lists to limit the species of animals that may be kept privately as pets,
  4. A ban on the use of wild animals in circuses
  5. A ban on the use of electric shock collars and similar devices

2) Make welfare in the wild a priority

We believe that a change in approach to the welfare of wild animals in Scotland is urgently needed, so that they are afforded the respect and protection that other animals are given. This should include:

  1. Legal protection for wild animals that recognises their sentience and their ability to suffer due to human activities
  2. An outright ban on snares
  3. New legislation or major amendments to make the ban on hunting with dogs effective and enforceable
  4. A ban on the shooting of seals
  5. Recognition and support for an independent advisory body on welfare in the wild, such as the Wild Animal Welfare Committee

3) Deliver essential protections for farmed animals

With millions of lives involved, we want to see a concentrated effort to give farmed animals the protections they need and to put Scotland in the lead when it comes to farm animal welfare. This should include:

  1. A robust animal health and welfare strategy that ensures all farmed animals in Scotland have a life worth living, and as many as possible have a good life
  2. Reductions in the number of painful mutilations
  3. Phasing out the routine use of antibiotics on farms
  4. A ban on non-stun slaughter
  5. Measures to ensure that CCTV is installed in all relevant areas of Scottish slaughterhouse

Please take action and back the More for Scotland’s Animals campaign now. 

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