Watch out for mountain hare culls

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Harry Huyton
18 January 2017

For those that want their estates free of mountain hares this year, there are only six weeks left.

On the 1st of March the closed season starts, giving these poor animals respite from persecution during their breeding season. 

At our #HareCare rally at the Scottish Parliament in November, the Cabinet Secretary, Roseanna Cunningham MSP, said this:

“the Government does not support mass culling. We don’t want to see mass culling, but we do need the evidence. If you can provide us with actual evidence … then certainly we will be looking at dealing further with this issue”

You can watch a short video of the rally, including the best bits of the speeches and footage of the amazing outfits and knitted hares below.

There is already ample evidence of mass culls, such as the photographs of a mass cull in the Caingorms National Park from this time last year. The rambler who stumbled upon this scene reported that the truck was part of a 20-strong group of armed gamekeepers from several surrounding sporting estates equipped with more than a dozen off-road vehicles. Indeed, a leading member of the Cairngorm National Park Authority is even supporting culls by advising that gamekeepers conceal carcasses to prevent people like us seeing what is happening.

There is no doubt that this is what is happening, and with the close season fast approaching, mountain hare culls and ‘sports’ shooting will be reaching their maximum intensity over the coming weeks. This is why we’re taking the Cabinet Secretary at her word and calling on anyone who is out an about in the Highlands or Borders this winter to keep their eyes open for culls. 

If you see any suspicious activity, do as the Cabinet Secretary advises: take some photos. Then get in touch with us asap! Just email us at or call 0131 661 9734.

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